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    Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co.,Ltd

    Company Profile
    Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter
    refer to as "the Company") is a leading professional company in the field of wood product manufacturing,
    trading and the related shipment.
    Since establishment in 1999, the Company acquires
    vast experiences on Plywood、LVL、Particle board、
    Film faced plywood, MDF and other wood products
    that starts from felling of the trees, production, quality control and finally packed for export to world markets.
    And indeed the Company has never be...
    Products List

    20mm particle board jis f4 star
    jas standard larch plywood for japan market
    Contact Us
    Company: Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co.,Ltd
    Contact: Mr. Peter Wang
    Address: 58 south Haitang Road
    Postcode: 222042
    Tel: 0518-82319121

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